Quality Assurance

Quality Innovation Performance, or QIP, provides independent accreditation, which means that a healthcare provider and its entire team meet the requirements of a nationally recognised set of standards, proving that they’re committed to those standards, particularly in terms of safety and quality of care.

The national accreditation standards for dental service providers cover areas such as:
• Infection Prevention and Control standards
• The management of sensitive medical and dental records and patient information
• Safe practices around medications and prescribing
• Effective patient education and communication strategies
• The way we engage our patients, our team and the community when making decisions
• The use of quality controls and having effective governance systems in use

There are a number of ways SwiftQ Dental Care goes above and beyond to ensure high standards of safety and quality such as:

• Bi-annual clinical and administrative audits are conducted on every centre.
• Careful and considered selection of the dental practitioners practicing at SwiftQ Dental Care to ensure they’re a good fit for our customers.
• All dental practitioners employed by SwiftQ Dental are Australian qualified and registered with our industry’s governing body. All our dental practitioners are required to pass a Working with Children Check.
• We have a range of professional training, education, coaching and development opportunities available for all team members.
• We love to recognise and support our team members, so they feel motivated and empowered to provide excellence in service.
• We keep up to date with industry trends and are continuously seeking innovative ways to improve.
• We maintain strong relationships with other key bodies and influencers within the industry.
• We have a clear vision of our future as an operator of dental centres and are committed to achieving our strategic goals and demonstrating our aligned values.