Our Story

Introducing a dental practice that only offers five high quality dental treatments, each at an affordable fixed-price wasn’t easy. To make sure that our centre was sustainable, met all regulatory standards and offered high quality and affordable care to all Australians took us years of research and development – two to be exact.

But, it was worth it. And here’s why.

Patients are the core of everything we do and it bothered us that for decades, dental care in Australia was underfunded – with hundreds of thousands of Australians spending years on the public waitlist for basic dental treatment. Because of the resulting high cost and lack of transparency associated with dental care, one third of Australians avoided dental care altogether.

On top of that 90% of Australians have some form of tooth decay and there’s a growing trend of caries in Australians aged 15.

We know that poor oral health is directly linked to chronic diseases, like diabetes, lung conditions, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and malnutrition, so it makes sense to us that Australian’s getting access to dental care should be a priority.

So, two years ago was a fork in the road for us. We could either continue doing what we were doing in the hope that the government would increase its funding of dental care or we could act to reduce the dental disease burden on the Australian population ourselves. We chose the latter and developed SwiftQ Dental that enables affordable and accessible dental care to even more Australians.

We’re hopeful that SwiftQ Dental will improve the health and wellbeing of Australians by enabling a greater portion of Australians to access affordable dental care, and help the Dental industry overall.