Our Purpose

1 in 3 Australians don’t see a dentist regularly due to the cost. But avoiding a dental visit can lead to more serious issues down the track as your teeth deteriorate, costing you more.

Choose the service you want and only pay $99.

Imagine a dental visit where you know exactly what you’ll be paying from the very start. No hidden fees. No add-ons. No embarrassing bill-shock.

SwiftQ Dental Care is here.

Swift Q provides access to basic yet essential dental care at an affordable price.

By focusing on just five dental services and doing them really well, we have made the process more efficient – creating better value for you.

But that’s just the start of how we’re different.

We understand that you want control of your own healthcare choices. You want healthcare to be simple, accessible and it needs to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule.

We use the latest technology to make your whole dental experience affordable, accessible and efficient, while making sure our patients stay at the centre of every decision we make.

SwiftQ is for you.

Our team

The SwiftQ dental professionals are all highly skilled, experienced and Australian qualified dentists or oral health therapists with the scope to treat patients of all ages. They must be registered with the national governing body for dental professionals, the Dental Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. This registration shows the practitioner has met set standards and requires them to undertake at least 20 hours of continuing professional education per year.

All of our SwiftQ Dental team members are chosen because they’re passionate about helping people. They have excellent communication skills and are extensively trained in how to provide an exceptional experience for people while they’re at SwiftQ Dental.

We don’t compromise on quality

We only use modern dental products, materials and equipment that are well known and widely used in the dental industry, clinically researched and TGA approved.

We don’t compromise on the quality of the products we use or the treatment provided to our patients.

We treat every patient as if they are one of our family members.

We don’t compromise on safety

Each SwiftQ Dental is accredited by the national accrediting body for healthcare services, Quality Innovation Performance (QIP). This demonstrates our commitment to a governance framework of safety and continuous improvement.

We follow the Australian Dental Association’s Guidelines for Infection Control which is the national standard for infection control in Australian dental practices.

Our team are trained to meet a high standard in infection control and receive regular training and further development to help them stay at the forefront in safety.

Every location is audited every 6 months against a set of over 200 quality checkpoints.